Automated Early Detection of Accounting Manipulation & Fraud

We are an AI software company that uses machine learning to identify accounting manipulation and fraud in company reporting, far in advance of public discovery.

Welcome To Transparently

We recognise and know all too well, the hard work of financial analysts. Having done the work ourselves, we sought to find a way using machines, to help analysts focus their attention in specific areas of risk.

We use artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of corporate failure due to accounting manipulation and fraud. We think we can help pension plans, investment managers, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, auditors, banks, regulators, and exchanges improve outcomes and avoid losses.

What you see today in our product represents years of research, testing and development. We are delighted to share our story with you.

Our Services


Subscription to our cloud-based software-as-a-service is available now.  Payable monthly in advance, you can subscribe to our services under a Basic, Premium or an Enterprise Licence.  

Basic Licences offer access for 1 user to 1 region and 20 reports a month.  Premium Licences offer access for 3 users to 2 regions and 100 reports a month. Enterprise Licences offer access for 10 users to all regions and unlimited reports.


We engage with you to better understand the use cases in which you wish to test and offer a 3-week trial for you to test your POC.

POCs are free and available to 1 user for a random sample of regions and 10 reports.


We can work with you to design a specific POV test if your use case requires custom specifications that necessarily entail development work.  For example, if you wish to provide us with your own datasets. 

POV engagements are priced individually and on a case-by-case basis.

Consultancy Services

We offer our time as consultants in a range of services.  From training whole departments or select individuals, on a per-day basis, to conducting research for a specific need you may have or longer-term projects for larger organisations with more strategic goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a rate card for any or a combination of these services.

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What Is The MRA?

Manipulation Risk Analyser
The Transparently Manipulation Risk Analysis (“MRA”) provides a score from least likely to most likely for companies that exhibit “red flag” risk factors for possible financial manipulation, fraud or mismanagement.

How Does It Work?

The boring bit

Providing detailed risk assessment and analytics for over 22,000 publicly listed companies in the US, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, requires hundreds of millions of data points.  More markets will be added in the coming months.

The system generates an overall percentage risk (0-100%), representing the probability of corporate failure due to accounting manipulation and fraud. 

The MRA is hosted on Google Cloud and meets industry best practices for security.

The geeky bit

We use the latest data science techniques in machine learning, and forensic accounting processes, to solve multi-dimensional problems at this scale of complexity. We built an array of financial models designed to replicate the investigative activities of forensic accountants, activist short sellers and auditors.

The system has been extensively evaluated for its accuracy and robustness over multiple decades, across different markets, independent datasets and myriad other ways.  Consequently the system produces highly accurate results with a long lead time to market awareness of problems (on average, 2-3 years).

The clever bit

Most importantly, the MRA is not just a “black box”.  The challenge with most machine learning is that users only get results and not explanations. The MRA provides users information on what to do next, what to investigate, what questions to ask and identifies where in the accounts things don’t look quite right.  

Our system automatically generates results in a customised report designed to not only signal failure risk from accounting manipulation and fraud, but also explain where and how a company is manipulating its books. 


Myriad applications including:
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